The Book of Mormon

Wherefore, it is an abridgment of the record of the people of Nephi, and also of the Lamanites—Written to the Lamanites, who are a remnant of the house of Israel; and also to Jew and Gentile—Written by way of commandment, and also by the spirit of prophecy and of revelation—Written and sealed up, and hid up unto the Lord, that they might not be destroyed—To come forth by the gift and power of God unto the interpretation thereof—Sealed by the hand of Moroni, and hid up unto the Lord, to come forth in due time by way of the Gentile The interpretation thereof by the gift of God.
Through out our tours we visit various proposed sites of the  “Book of Mormon” while tracing the history of the Nephites and Lamanites in the Peninsula of Yucatan Mexico. Archeological sites include ruins of several ancient civilizations such as the, Maya,Olmec and Aztec peoples, depending on location of the region. Alma’s LDS Tours arranges visits to all different sites along the route, and we despite the spiritual emphasis during our tours, many-LDS travelers enjoy the experience."We also talk about the history, culture and lifestyles of the people" 

"It's a fascinating learning experience".
With Alma’s LDS Tours. "We go to archeological sites and talk about why we think the Book of Mormon took place there."
On June 25, 1842, Speaking of John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, Joseph Smith wrote the following in his personal journal: "Messrs. Stephens and Catherwood have succeeded in collecting in the interior of America a large amount of relics of the Nephites, or the ancient inhabitants of America treated of in the Book of Mormon, which relics have recently been landed in New York."  (Joseph Smith, History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 7 vols. [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1980], 5:44) 
"It will not be a bad plan to compare Mr. Stephens’ ruined cities with those in the Book of Mormon: light cleaves to light, and facts are supported by facts. The truth injures no one." (Times and Seasons, October 1, 1842, 927) 

Many Book of Mormon historical events are associated with the land generally referred to as the “land northward”. That is the name given to the area that was the heartland of the ancient Jaredites. The Mulekites landed in the land northward. The Nephites lived in the land northward during a portion of their thousand-year history. The last battles recorded in the Book of Mormon were fought in the land northward. The Nephites called the land northward “Desolation.” And the land northward was separated from the land southward by a narrow neck of land.

By the sheer number of references, one of the most dominant geographical locations in the Book of Mormon is the land northward. It played a central role in the lives of all the New World people mentioned in the Book of Mormon—that is, the Jaredites, Mulekites, Nephites, and Lamanites. 



The most traveled places on a private tour are: 

The Peninsula of Yucatan is a special place and you want to make sure that you make the most out of your time while visiting this part of the world. 
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Explore The Mayan Lands on a multi-day package tour. We have a variety of multi-day itineraries to fit any budget and/or schedule. 

We recommend to make your reservation at least one week prior to your arrival and cover all the major attractions in Cancun/Riviera Maya, but we also have shorter trips available too - you can do a 1-day trip to Chichen Itza and the Ek Balam or Tulum and Coba or a 4-day tour to Palenque and the Mayan Puc Rout. Anything is possible, including combining several short trips to fit a longer stay. You can use our contact form to let us know when you are planning to visit and for how long, and we can then email you back with the best options for you. 

We are very flexible in our approach.
Some travelers prefer to see as many places as possible, while others prefer to spend more time in fewer places.

We have set itineraries for Family group tours and flexible itineraries for private and small group tours.



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