Miguel A. Rodriguez Sr.,
Tour Guide and CEO of Alma's LDS Tours
Official Tour Guide with long experience and knowledge in the Book of Mormon and Mesoamerican culture, proud to serve at any time at church, working on the website searching for fresh information that help all the customers to have a memorable vacations in Cancun, making new alliances and marketing strategies to offer more and better services to our visitors. Adds control the daily operations on tours, being alert to flights changes, bookings and quotation giving quick answers always with a big smile. He enjoyed different roles in Alma's LDS Tours, including several years of leading and conducting tours in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. He has worked in Construction Department for the LDS church in Mexico as a General Project Supervisor. Miguel has a Bachelors degree of Anthropology, Mayan culture, Archaeology and History in Mexico and he has encouraged Education and tourism initiatives in the University UNICVA in Cancun. Miguel is a former Bishop; he is always sharing his testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ in America.
Alma Petlacalco,
Tour Guide/ Co-Founder
A passionate researcher in Mesoamerican Culture and Book of Mormon history 25 years combined of experience. Thanks to her extensive experience, in leading people throughout the Mayan archaeological sites in Yucatan Peninsula Alma developed love on each of our tours and she'll show you the symbolism and details that are engraved in the carvings of nearly every building and Mayan temples with an emphasis in Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon. Her mission is to create satisfied customers every time speaking about the Savior Jesus Christ in the Americas and bring the Book of Mormon to life. Alma is an Official licensed tour guide, with a degree in anthropology, archaeology and history of Mexico. Alma is fluent English/Spanish spoken and Mayan language. Alma Petlacalco (Co-founder) was born in México City to Luis Petlacalco one of the first pioneers official tour guides of Tulum and an Aztec descendant. Alma is the seventh daughter in a family of nine - all current tour guides. She grew up watching the example of her father guide tours in Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan and the ruins of Tulum. As a child, she spent most of her time with her father, always searching and exploring for new sites of Mexico.
Miguel Rodriguez Jr.,
Tour Guide/Coordinator
Official licensed and certified tour guide, Miguel has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology, Mayan culture, Archaeology and history of Mexico. His passion is the study of Old World culture of Mesoamerica, language, and rituals. Miguel enjoys the symbolism of the scriptures, believing that by understanding the symbolic meanings of the scriptures enable practical applications of the scriptures. His studies and experience help him show interesting parallels that can be found in the Book of Mormon, The Bible and also in the beliefs of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. His style of teaching is straight from the scriptures, using them as his primary source. Throughout the years he has conducted and escorted many tours through the Yucatan peninsula. He is a returned missionary with love towards the Book of Mormon and its Archaeological sites of entire Mexico. Miguel is fluent English/Spanish spoken and he is also a certified scuba diver. He also possess a Business Engineering bachelors degree from the University of Quinta Roo Mexico. Miguel is a returned missionary, served in Puebla - Mexico Mission.
David Rodriguez,
Tour Guide/ Recruitment Manager
An adventurous official licensed tour guide inspired by the archaeological sites and historical places of the Peninsula of Yucatan, David is committed to fostering the success of Alma's LDS Tours Co. In pursuit of his own path to guiding, David is working toward certification of Mayan language that will allow him to show others the local culture and people's lifestyle that inspire him. This shared calling and a belief in empowering tourists to harness the benefits of tourism has armed David with a drive to grow our guides with a tremendous desire to teach and share his passion for the history of Mexico. David earned his degree in Anthropology, Mayan culture, archaeology and history of Mexico in the University UNICVA of Cancun. David is a returned missionary, he served in Mexico City Northwest Mission; as a tour guide David helps LDS visitors of any age from all over the world understand the history of Mexico with fascinating and inspiring insights of the book of Mormon. David is fluent English/Spanish spoken and he is currently studying Marketing & Advertisement at Riviera Maya University.
Janine Rodriguez,
Executive Secretary (US, Canada and Western Europe)
Always willing to assist you during your reservation and booking, Janine is excited to share her passion for history, culture and archaeology with people from all over the world. She believes in hard work and play, enjoys life and is always grateful for the many wonderful experiences life offers. Janine feels privileged to be a positive attribute to our customers' travel experiences and offers her extensive knowledge and experience in customer service, accounting and business administration she strongly believes everyone should step out of their comfort zone and follow their passion and dreams no matter what those may be.Janine is always happy to help visitors with booking and reservations and making a lifetime memories. Janine is fluent English/Spanish and she is an accomplished of violin course.
Arnulfo Rodriguez,
Tour Guide/ Support Manager
Arnie has been on the move his entire life, his passion for adventure and discover propelling him to nearly 160 archaeological sites on the entire Mexico; he carries a lifelong passion for the Book of Mormon. Arnie studied Astronomy, Geography, Anthropology and Mayan culture and he has degree of archaeology and history of Mexico in the University UNICVA of Cancun. Arnie is an official licensed tour guide and he has several years of leading tours in the area of Yucatan and Mexico City. He speaks fluent English/Spanish and basic Mayan language. With tourists all over the world, Arnie understands the value of cultural exchange, and treasures the opportunity to build relationships between travelers and Alma's LDS Tours. Arnie served a mission for two years in Little Rock Arkansas Mission USA.
Zarahemla Rodriguez,
Social Media Specialist
Zarahemla is the company's Social Media Specialist, driving written content on the website, and aiming to increase global awareness of both the company's excellent tour guides and its mission to promote ethical tourism. Zarahemla is proud of her Mexican roots and looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for the Mayan Lands in the Peninsula of Yucatan and world-class tourism.
Abril Rodriguez,
Tour Guide/ Sales Representative
If there's one thing Abril is certain of, it's that she wants to promote positive changes in people's lives. One of the many ways she found to follow her "calling" was assisting people to leave the comfort of their couches and see the world firsthand. Traveling since she was born (literally), Abril has watched her experiences and knowledge gained around the globe shape the person she is today. She allied her passion for the archaeological sites of Mexico with her passion for the environment by earning her Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Tourism Management. Abril's passions also include photography and dancing. She is also an official licensed tour guide with a degree in Anthropology, Archaeology and History of Mexico, highly trained and knowledgeable in the Mayan culture and a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.
Arturo Montoya,
Tour Guide
Arturo is an authentic Aztec descendant convert to the gospel, a passionate for his culture and very experienced in the Mayan Lands of Yucatan Peninsula. Arturo grew up in the small near to Mexico City. Prior to joining Alma's LDS Tours, he studied in SLCC of Utah, USA. Arturo is a certified tour guide and has experience working on leading groups of saints throughout Tulum, Chichen Itza, Coba, Ek Balam, Uxmal, Teotihuacan and Palenque. He enjoys Astronomy, Anthropology and Mayan culture and he has degree of archaeology and history of Mexico, he loves to share his knowledge and create wonderful experiences, he is kind and courteous. Arturo is currently a BYU-Pathway Online Student. Arturo served a mission for two years in Tampico-Mexico Mission.

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