LDS Tour E. Ek Balam & Cenote


Ek’ Balam shares characteristics common to the most important ancient Mayan cities, including monuments, architecture, walls, steles (beautiful sculptures carved of blocks of stone), a ball court, a network of roads as well as texts written in glyphs. Many buildings feature extraordinary sculptures carved in stone or modeled stucco, either polychromatic or a mixture. Visitors today are astonished by the craftsmanship of the ancient artists (shown in objects of luxury marks) and the large number of people necessary to produce projects of this magnitude. 

The Acropolis with its truly extraordinary façade is worth a special mention. Measuring 160 meters long by almost 70 wide and 31 high, it is listed among the largest edifices in Yucatan. The most important discovery on the site was the discovery of the tomb of the ruler UkitKanLekTok. Here was found the only glyphic emblem found to date in the northern area of this state, giving the name of the ruler for whom the tomb was built. It dates back to 300 BC, before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

Tour includes:
• 7:00 am – Pickup at your hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya 
• Admission fees to Ek Balam site, cenote and LDS tour guide
• Drinking bottled water and lunch
• 5:30 pm – Return to hotel
• As a plus we will visit a colonial twon from the 1500's Valladolid, Yucatan

LDS Tours in Cancun awaits to see you soon!

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