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Recommended scripture study prior to your book of mormon tour

Alma's LDS Tours in Cancun is your #1 choice if you are looking to learn about the history of the Mesoamerican cultures. Our crew of licensed and experienced tour guides with vast knowledge of the Mesoamerican history, supported by strong research of The Book of Mormon of LDS scholars, allows us to help you immerse in the scriptures and bring it's stories to life. You will be surprised of all the information and connections we share with you and how it will strengthen your testimony.

We focus on understanding many unanswered questions and theories of mayan history, such as:

  • Who are the Mayans?
  • Who are they compared to in the Book Of Mormon?
  • Where did the Mayan culture originate from?
  • What where the Mayan beliefs?
  • Who was the white bearded man talked about in their beliefs?
  • What records do we have that teach us of the Mayan beliefs and how are they similar to our beliefs?
  • How many changes did the Mayan culture suffer through the centuries?
  • Why did they do human sacrifices?
  • What was the true meaning of the different rituals, such as the ball game?
  • What does the Mayan calendar really prophecy?
  • What is the symbolism behind the ancient temples architectural style?

Like these and many more topics, we will help any person of any age understand the powerful and uplifting history of Mexico with inspiring insights of the book of Mormon.

Come and join our team and explore the Mayan lands like never before.


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