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Tree of life

The "Stela #5" stone carving was found in October of 1939 by Matthew W. Stirling

It stood in the temple courts at the ancient ruin City call “Izapa” in the southwestern corner of Mexico.

The Stela measures approximately 8 feet high, 5 feet wide 2 feet thick. Archaeologist date “Stela 5” at approx. 100AD. In 1957, Dr. M. Wells Jakeman, from Brigham Young University, interpreted the carving as a representation of "Lehi's dream" or the "Tree of Life" recorded in Nephi 8: 1-38.

This beautiful illustration of the Tree of Life is an incredible reference to this powerful engraving. The commentary underneath the illustration says: "Among many other engraved stone monuments in the area, a 15 ton Stela located on the Guatemala-Mexico border and close to the City of Tapachula Chiapas bears witness of a Civilization that dates to the time period of The Book of Mormon (600BC-350AD).

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Tree of life
  1. The Tree of Life with much fruit
  2. 12 roots representing the 12 tribes from Egypt
  3. Cheribums guarding the tree of life
  4. And elder (beardeed?) giving instruction (Lehi)
  5. Man of great stature, speaking stylus in hand (Nephi) Spirit speaking through him?
  6. Man in supportive role(Sam)
  7. Old female with royal headdress (Sariah)
  8. Two men with their backs to the tree representing rejection, one blinded by smoke (Laman/Lemuel)
  9. Rod of Iron
  10. The filthy waters - depths of hell
  11. Jawbone held over Lehi spokesman for the Lord
  12. Groping in mist of darkness, hand touching tree
  13. Partaking of fruit, but turning away from tree
  14. Several birds and fish - eternal life
  15. Laughing person - in building the air

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