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Multi Day Tours

10 Days Jaredite and Lehi's Descendants All Inclusive Multi Day Tour

In Palenque, we will see the tomb of Pakal and “And it came to pass” Glyph and more. this is one of the most magnificent sites in all the area! you will be amazed of the view and natural beauties. Palenqu...

5 Days Northern Yucatan Peninsula all Inclusive Multi Day Tour

If your stay in paradise is short, but you still want to see it all? This fantastic Multi-Day tour is for you! Enjoy the best of Northern Yucatan Peninsula on this amazing 5 Day adventure and visit the most ico...

7 Day Mexico City All Inclusive Multi-day Tour

Tour Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor & Historical Center in Downtown Mexico City. We'll visit downtown Mexico City. We will visit the "Zocalo" (main square), Palacio Nacional to see Diego Rivera's murals, Metropoli...

7 Days Yucatan Peninsula All Inclusive Multi day Tour

We will visit two important Archaeological sites: “Chichen Itza” one of the seven wonders of the world and “Ek Balam” Emblematic religious city teaching the original Mayan religious beliefs. We will vis...

The 7 Day Guatemalan Adventure Multi-Day tour

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Guatemala like never before on this 7 Day Multi-day tour and visit some of the most iconic proposed Book of Mormon sites such as The city of Nephi and The waters of Mormo...

The Ultimate 13 Day Mexico and Guatemala Multi-day Tour

Join Alma's LDS Tours on this one of a kind expedition through central Mexico to Guatemala city and learn about the possible whereabouts of the people of the Book of Mormon as we visit some of the most iconic p...